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New design of the collection of natural seasonings "Culinary Masterpiece" and even more tastes

Meet the updated author's collection of natural spices "Culinary Masterpiece", created by the world-famous chef, the owner of the title of World Master Chef and the presenter of the popular show on the STB channel - Ector Jimenez-Bravo.

TM "Pripravka" continues to surprise consumers, so now the series "Culinary Masterpiece" is filled with a bright design that gives energy and dynamism to the entire line. Traditionally, the author of the collection of natural spices "Culinary Masterpiece" - Mr. Hector Jimenez-Bravo decorated the packages with a bright presentation of mouth-watering dishes. On the back, as before, a recipe for an author's delicious dish.

As a Ukrainian producer of TM "Pripravka", special attention was paid to the issue of transferring packages to their native language. "We listen to the requests of our customers, so now all the information on the packaging of the collection of seasonings" Culinary Masterpiece "is presented exclusively in Ukrainian. On this we are not going to stop and are already actively working on the translation of all packages that are produced under the TM "Pripravka", - marketing director of the company "SPS" Olga Romashchenko.

Changes affected not only the design of packages - now a series of natural seasonings "Culinary Masterpiece" consists of 12 unique natural spices, which consist of 16 to 22 spices.

Five seasonings of the collection "Culinary Masterpiece" with a package for baking will delight your loved ones with tasty and insanely juicy dishes. If you do not already know, then at the bottom of the package there is a blend of spices and spices, and in the upper part there is a bag with a clamp that allows cooking a dish according to the "en papillote" technology - in the oven in a baking bag. This allows you to save all the useful properties of products and reveals the aroma of spices. Advantages of "en papillote" - juiciness of the dish, natural aromatic sauce and a clean oven, which will be especially appreciated by lovers to bake everything!

The other seven natural seasonings of the collection are presented in packages with a convenient zip-lock, which will help to retain the flavor and flavor of the seasoning for a long time. Each of the condiments is a special mix of spices and spices, based on the rich recipes of the culinary traditions of Europe and North America. The shades of the tastes of the dishes of these countries are close to our expectations, but at the same time they are rich and diverse in taste. The highlight of the series is the use of the famous reception of Italian and French gourmet - frying spices. The use of this technique allowed TM "Pripravka" to obtain new flavors of spices, which have now become much brighter.

TM "Pripravka" does not cease to pamper its customers, so now in a series of seasonings in packages with a zip-lock zipper includes three absolutely new to the market taste - a natural seasoning "Mixture of peppers with Sichuan pepper", natural seasoning "Curry with lemongrass" and natural seasoning "To spaghetti, fettuccini and rice."

The natural seasoning "Mixture of peppers with Szechuan pepper" is a bright, pungent taste with a touch of Asian cuisine. A special ingredient in the seasoning is Szechwan pepper - a unique and spicy spice for Ukraine. Pepper has a unique acute-fruity taste with a slight ginger aftertaste.

Вирощування сичуанського перцюСичуанський перець

Cumin, anise, orange peel and fennel add blend and add a unique aroma of a mixture of peppers, which will make your dishes especially refined. This seasoning is perfect for any type of meat - chicken, beef, pork, etc.

Natural seasoning "Curry with lemongrass" is traditional for Asian cuisine, full of spicy witticisms and exotic aromas of spices.

Lemongrass - spice, which is especially appreciated in Asian cuisine, has a lemon-ginger taste.

A harmonious combination of lemon-ginger taste with traditional shades of chili, turmeric and curry leaves will make the dish unsurpassed.

Seasoning will be an excellent addition to meat curry, vegetable, curry with fish or seafood.

Dishes cooked with natural seasoning "For spaghetti, fettuccini and rice" will dive you with notes of Mediterranean cuisine and aromas of spicy herbs. A wonderful combination, oregano, basil, thyme and other spices will add an unrivaled taste to the dishes.

This seasoning is suitable for the most common side dishes - for pasta and rice. Ordinary products will cease to be familiar to you - now the garnish will play with new tastes and will allow diversifying and improving the taste of traditional products.

"Each seasoning of the collection" Culinary Masterpiece "is designed to help Ukrainians diversify gastronomic horizons, try new tastes and create new traditions of cooking simple dishes. After all, the creation of any dish is an art, it is a combination of many flavors and flavors together. Only the correct backing of natural ingredients, their ratio, a special cooking technology will allow you to achieve gastronomic pleasure from the dish. Each seasoning of the collection "Culinary Masterpiece" already combines all the ingredients for your unique dish. Just use it, " - Comments marketing- director Olga Romashchenko.

Each ingredient of seasonings was selected with particular care and high requirements for quality and naturalness. None of the seasonings of the collection "Culinary Masterpiece" contains flavor enhancers, dyes, flavors and preservatives, which are especially harmful to the health of consumers.

"TM" Pripravka "was the first Ukrainian producer to produce natural condiments without salt. Over the years, the company's strategy has not changed, we are confident that the production of high-quality products with unique recipes that are not inferior to European goods can not only give new culinary sensations to Ukrainians, but also change the consumption traditions in favor of naturalness and the usefulness of food products ", - marketing- director Olga Romashchenko.

A large number of flavors (which include glutamate and other flavor enhancers, as well as artificial colors, preservatives, stabilizers) on the market, the uniformity of the seasoning formulations - the primitive combination of spices and spices from competitors allows TM "Pripravka" to create something special - high-quality natural Seasonings with unique blends, which are able to present absolutely new gastronomic sensations to our consumers.

And in order for you to feel the unique taste of the novelty, we suggest you try a delicious curry recipe with lemongrass from "TM Pripravka".

To prepare four servings you will need:

  • Natural seasoning Culinary masterpiece "Curry with lemongrass" - 2 tablespoons (30 g)
  • Chicken meat without skin and bones, chopped pieces - 600g
  • Sunflower or olive oil - 4 tablespoons
  • Milk, cow or vegetable (coconut or soybean) - 300g
  • Boiled rice for garnish - 400g

Cooking method:

Chicken meat from the skin and bones, rinse thoroughly, cut into small pieces. In the frying pan, heat the oil, add chicken meat and fry until a ruddy crust appears. Add seasoning "Curry with lemongrass", a little fry until a light aroma of spices. Add milk or cream, stew the dish with a weak boil for 15-20 minutes. Serve with boiled rice.

For a variety of recipes, you can chicken meat, partially or completely, replaced with a mixture of vegetables (potatoes, eggplants, broccoli, bean pods). Also, instead of meat, you can use refined non-greasy fish or shrimp. During extinguishing, a small amount of soy sauce, fish and / or oyster sauce can be added to enhance the taste.

Bon Appetit!

16 August 2017